Fundraising - Resources

How It Works?

So, you've decided to do our fundraising program that's been around, making money for non-profit organizations since 1979! Congratulations!  We think you'll find it as easy and profitable as our existing customers do! 

We have a few pointers to help you decide how to manage your program. 

This program is designed to be run as an in-school fundraiser or as a single-location sale for a church or sports league. Often the customers are the students themselves. Many schools run it as a year-round fundraiser, or have several different groups in the school run it at their respective fundraiser times.

Fast Delivery Times

Within Texas, most locations are a 1-2 business day transit from our factory. So, we encourage you not to over-order. We can have more popcorn delivered to you very quickly. Yes, we do have customers who sell out the first day and call us up to have more popcorn arrive the next day. 

This fundraiser has a small minimum order quantity – just one case (100 packets of popcorn). That's small enough to accommodate most groups. 

For your first order, assume each member of the sales team will sell between 10 and 20 packets, depending of the age of the group. Older group members can sell more per person. This method of sales allows a tight control over collections, because customers pay for the packets at the time of purchase.

Free Tools for Selling, Tracking, and Collecting

If you are not selling in a single location, we have some tools to help you control collections and ease the management of your fundraiser. Upon request, we provide 10 carry bags and 10 money envelopes per case for you at no additional charge. You may remove the carry bags and fill each one with 10-12 packets of popcorn. Hand each sales team member one or two carry bags and a money envelope. Most fundraising leaders will write the name of the sales team member on the envelope before handing it out. That makes it easy to track who has turned in money as it comes in. 

The manpower required to manage this sale is very limited. One person should be designated to order the popcorn and manage the returning funds. So, take advantage of our strengths! Order limited quantities up front, order repeatedly throughout the sale, and even mix up the flavors in the case when your order quantities are small.

Download A Copy of These Tips

To download a copy of these Direct Sale Fundraising tips click below!