General Questions

Can I mix the flavors in a case? Or, do I have to order a full case of a single flavor?

We do not require all packets in a case to be of the same flavor. However, we will group flavors into boxes so that the total count of each flavor is easy for you and our factory to verify (i.e. the fewest number of different flavors in each case).

Our PreMixed cases are a great option if you're not sure what to order.

 You'll get all the packets you order, but we cannot custom-mix cases for individual team members that include an exact count of specific flavors packed in each case. This allows us to keep our costs very low and results in no cost premium to you. If you require custom mixed cases for your team members, we can do so at an additional cost of $10 per case.

Why are the weights different on full-size packets? (short video enclosed)

The sweet coating on popcorn weighs more than cheese or savory flavors. The volume (amount of popcorn) in the our packets is the same -- approximately 3 cups.To illustrate, let's use a common grocery store purchase example. If you are buying a bag of pretzels and a bag of potato chips, the bag size may be the same, but the weights will be different because pretzels are denser. They weigh more than light, fluffy potato chips.Our sweet coatings are denser than the savory coatings, resulting in varied weights depending on flavor.WATCH VIDEO

How does the Free Packets Program work?

An order placed using our web site checkout sequence is eligible for free fundraiser packet(s) when one of the following items is included on the order: FR100, FRSingles, NTP/FRNutty or FRPrem.The free fundraiser packet(s) bonus for ordering online applies to website orders only. Limit 1 set of free packet(s) per day for all orders from the same email to the same shipping address. 

What sizes are available for fundraising and promotional popcorn? (short video enclosed)

Whether your customers crave a heaping helping (3 Cups), a moderate serving (1.5 Cups) or  just a taste (1/2 Cup), we've got you covered! This video breaks down the portions and bag sizes for you:

Why am I charged tax if I'm tax exempt?

On first time orders on our website, tax will be added to the order for Texas ship-to addresses. If you've sent us a tax exemption form, we can verify your status. We can then go in and adjust your online account (using your email address). We must have your tax exemption form on hand in our office before we ship to remove the tax. If we ship your order, and you later submit a tax exemption form, we cannot remove sales tax from the order already shipped. Once we have adjusted your online account, future fundraiser orders placed for this group using your email address will not be taxed. Download Texas Sales Tax Exemptions Form

What if our school will not allow selling snack foods on campus at all?

All of Our programs allow you to pre-sell out products using order forms. You may take orders using our Pre-Order Form. These forms can be ordered in advance of your fundraiser.

How many packets are in a Direct Sale case?

In each case of our 3 Cup - Full Size bags and our 1.5 Cup - Sweet Singles, you'll find 100 packets.. 

 Premium cases contain 30 packets.

 Direct Sales are only available in full case quantities; packet counts must be rounded up to equal full cases of popcorn.

What should I expect when receiving my fundraising popcorn shipment? (short video enclosed)

It's important to know what to look  for and where to find it when your popcorn fundraising shipment arrives. But don't worry, we explain it all in the video below!

Do the new foil bags contain the same amount of popcorn as the clear bags they are replacing? (short video enclosed)

You're going to love our stylish, eye-catching new packaging, and the amount of popcorn you get from them does not change. Our video below explains:

Nutritional FAQs

Is your popcorn genetically modified or genetically engineered?

No. We use only non-GMO kernels.

Are your products Kosher?

All Deanan products have been certified Kosher dairy by Dallas Kosher.

Here's proof!

Are your products gluten-free and/or dairy (casein) free?

Our Kettle Corn and Buttery are both gluten free and casein free.  No dairy products are used to manufacture Kettle Corn and Buttery.  All of our flavors are gluten free.

What if our school prohibits the sale of sugar content products?

There are a couple of good solutions to this.  The easiest, if you want to sell during the school day, is to sell the savory flavors (White Cheddar, Salsa 'n' Cheddar, Yellow Cheese and Buttery). These flavors do not contain any added sugar.If the school allows you to sell after school with the Caramel, Vanilla, Kettle Corn, and Dark Chocolate, you can opt to do that, by setting up a table at the end of the day in an allowed area, and distributing them.

Are your products peanut-free or nut-free?

We use NO peanuts or peanut products in our facility.  That is deliberate. Often the end-users of our product are children, who seem to be more at risk for peanut allergies, or perhaps, less adept at avoiding peanuts if they have an allergy.  It is important to note, however, that we do have a product containing pecans and almonds, as well as one that uses cashews.  We clean our machines meticulously between flavors.

Does your popcorn contain any animal products?

Kettle Corn and Buttery don't contain any animal products.  Caramel, Vanilla, and Dark Chocolate contain butter.  White Cheddar, Yellow Cheese, and Salsa 'n' Cheddar contain cheese.

How long does the popcorn remain fresh?

Our gourmet popcorn stay fresh in sealed packaging as follows:
Foil packets- 10 months
Foil Sharable bags – 9 months
Clear packets- 2 months

Refill Bags- 2 weeks before opening

We strongly recommend you do not over-order as we cannot take back any unsold product. For most states, there is no need to over-order, as we can usually ship out the product on the same business day or the next after receiving your order. Our popcorn must be stored in a cool, dry place to maintain its optimum shelf life. As with just about any food product, heat and humidity can be harmful to freshness and flavor.

Fundraiser FAQs

Why am I charged sales tax if I'm tax exempted?

If you are a Texas tax-exempt organization, we need to keep a Tax Exempt Certificate on file for you in order to avoid charging the sales tax required by the State of Texas.  Get a Texas Sales Tax Exemption form here.

If your organization does not have tax exemption (some sports leagues do not have this), we can still do the fundraiser, but we must charge you sales tax. Sales tax is charged at 8.25% from our factory in Wylie, Texas. For organizations outside of Texas, we are not required to charge sales tax.

What sales price should I set for the packets?

For our 3 Cup - Full Size bags, the standard price is $3 a bag, or 2 for $5.  Offering a lower price point entices customers to take a chance on the popcorn, which greatly benefits your fundraiser. Feel free to explore your pricing option; we don't set your selling price, so if you believe your customers will pay more, don't hesitate to go for it!   And don't forget to check our online Profit Calculator to determine your potential profits!

For 1.5 Cup - Sweet Singles, the minimum sale price we hear is $1.50. Many customers sell them for $2.00 and offer a deal of 2 packets for $3.00.

Premium bags usually sell for $5.50 or $6.00. Again, you could offer a volume discount such as one for $6.00 and two packets for $11.00.

What fundraising flavors are your best sellers?

  • Caramel – 22% of sales 
  • Vanilla – 22% of sales 
  • White Cheddar – 17% of sales 
  • Salsa 'n' Cheddar – 12% of sales 
  • Kettle Corn - 9% of sales 
  • Cheese - 8% of sales 
  • Dark Chocolate - 6% of sales 
  • Buttery - 5% of sales

How do customers deal with a flavor customers are hesitant to purchase?

Open up a packet of that flavor to use as a sampler and offer your customers a no-risk taste. After a few pieces, they will usually be able to determine if they like that flavor. Bring a chip clip to seal the sample packet so that the popcorn stays fresh for the next customer to try.

How far in advance do I need to order?

We can usually ship out product the same business day or day after you place your order. We ship orders on a first-come, first-serve basis for the requested ship date. Your delivery date is determined by the FedEx Ground transit time from our factory. 

 It's important to note that you do not have to wait until your preferred date to place the order. We often take orders months in advance and ship out fresh product on the requested ship date.

How can I pay for the order?

Public Schools are offered 21-days credit when the payment is being made by school or ISD check. This is because we often have to apply to be on the approved vendor list, or schools will require a purchase order, or some assurance is available from the Accounts Payable or bookkeeper that the fundraiser is approved and payment is assured. Other organizations are requested to pay in advance by money order, cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or debit card. 

 From time to time, a large organization, such as a PTO or sports league will request our Purchase Agreement to receive a 21-day credit. This document is available online and defines who is accepting legal responsibility for payment of the order. We do reserve the right to determine when an organization is eligible for a Purchase Agreement. 

 When paying by credit or debit card, we do not charge the card until just prior to shipping the order. So, it is safe to place an advance order and be assured that payment is applied the same day as your product ships. 

 And yes, we also accept PayPal payments!

How much do the money envelopes cost?

There is no charge for money envelopes or carry bags when requested in quantities of 10 per case on fundraiser items. Additional carry bags or money envelopes can be ordered at a cost of $1.00 per set of 10. 

 Money envelopes can be used with any program. For the Direct Sale program, you would place your request for them at the time you place your order. 

 The money envelopes are coin envelopes that you may provide to your crew members, allowing them to keep the fundraiser funds separate from their personal money. Often, a teacher, or fundraising leader, will write each crew member's name on an envelope to facilitate record keeping as the money is turned in. 

 Carry bags are similar to the bags you find in stores for bagging groceries. Our contact information is on the bags. They are intended for your crew to carry packets while selling. Each carry bag holds 10 to 12 packets.

Can an individual order fundraising popcorn?


Do you have any ideas for quickly and efficiently selling the popcorn after school? (short video enclosed)

Yes! How about engaging customers at the after-school car line? Here is how it can work to juice up sales quickly:

Shipping/Return FAQs

What is your returns policy?

Our product is considered a perishable product and we, therefore, cannot take back any unsold product. Because we are able to process orders and deliver quickly, we encourage you not to over-order. We promise you, and every other customer, fresh product from our factory, not product returned from a previous shipment.  We will be happy to help you determine a conservative amount to order based on the number of people selling and the age of your selling team. See more on our policy here.

Can I have the delivery sent to my home?

For our Fundraising program, we offer home delivery for cases. FedEx applies a $20 per case residential delivery surcharge, which we pass on to you for all product types (3 Cup - Full Size, 1.5 Cup - Sweet Single, and Premium).

What is a commercial address?

A school, office building or church is considered a commercial address. This does not include any school, business or church that is run out of a home. FedEx establishes the rules for a commercial location. They also consider a dorm a residential address, though classroom and administrative buildings on campus are commercial. 

 For commercial locations, it helps us tremendously if your business has its hours posted and a separate business entrance. FedEx is required to attempt delivery within business hours.

Can you have my order delivered to me by a specific time of day (e.g., 10:00am)?

FedEx delivery times are determined by FedEx. FedEx has a terrific on-time delivery record with us, but the FedEx Ground shipping method does not promise a time of day. If you must have your order by a specific time, we suggest that you order it to arrive the day before you need it. 

Ordering the product to arrive the day before you need it is good advice in general. This extra time allows you to organize your fundraiser if you are handing out packets to fundraising crew members to deliver. 

 For deliveries local to the Wylie, Texas, area you may request a specific time frame for our driver to arrive. We will note the preferred time, and only request your patience and understanding in the event the driver has multiple delivery stops to make and/or runs in to traffic delays.

I am in Europe, Canada, Mexico, or other country outside the U.S. Can you deliver to me?

At this time, we only offer our fundraiser in the Contiguous United States (a.k.a. "lower 48").