Popcorn Deliciousness Policy!
(aka Customer Satisfaction Policy)

Our deliciousness promise:
We stand behind every delicious kernel we pop, flavor, package, sell and ship!

Fundraiser Items:
Deanan Gourmet Popcorn guarantees 100% fresh delicious popcorn. Our product is considered a perishable product; therefore, we cannot take back any unsold product.  We process orders and deliver quickly, so we encourage you not to over-order. We promise you fresh product from our factory, not product returned from a previous shipment. We will be happy to help you determine a conservative amount to order based on the number of people selling and the age of your selling team.

Wrong Flavors:
We hire humans, and on rare occasions, they inadvertently put the wrong flavor in your box. Bless them, they have a tough job! On the rare occasion you get the wrong item, we ask that you send us a picture to help our production team better serve you. If we have shipped out an incorrect flavor, we will happily replace it with the correct flavor.

Gift Items:

You and your gift recipients must be absolutely delighted--we guarantee it!  We stand behind our every kernel, period.


If we have created a custom label or custom colors for your order, we are unable to take back or refund these items. To ensure your complete satisfaction, custom labels will be approved by you before we print them. When it comes to creating your specially requested colors, our production team works hard to produce the prettiest colors possible. You are always welcome to reach out to us if you feel there are special circumstances with your concern.