About Virtual Fundraising

Congratulations! You have decided to raise funds for a cause you care about.

Virtual Fundraising is open to everyone.

Risk-free fundraising that allows you to reach people in all lower 48 U.S. states!

How It Works:

Virtual Fundraising is an online fundraiser program where Deanan® Gourmet Popcorn handles the logistics so you're freed up to manage your cause and reach out to supporters.  For every item you sell under the Virtual Fundraising program, Deanan® pays you $9.00! This program is designed to be run as a virtual fundraiser.  It allows you to raise funds for your cause with family, friends, and neighbors around the contiguous United States and removes the hassle of money exchange. Your supporters will receive their products directly from Deanan® Gourmet Popcorn.

Virtual Setup Details:

•   Click here to register your Virtual Fundraiser:
    * Provide basic contact information used to send you the proceeds
    * Set your begin & end date for your fundraiser
•    Receive your referral link via email.
•    Log in to your account to receive sales updates.
•    Share your link with your Family, Friends and Neighbors
•    Text, email, and post your event on social media

Virtual Sale Details:

•    Your supporters go to the Virtual Fundraising items for sale page of the Deanan® website using your referral link
•    They choose among five popcorn bundle options
•    They enter address where popcorn will be shipped
•    They can pay for items in the cart using PayPal or major credit cards
•    Shipping is free
•    Orders ship out from our factory quickly to your supporters

Virtual Fundraiser FAQ's

How does the Virtual Fundraising program work?

Family, friends, and neighbors will log into the Deanan® website and click on the Virtual option. We provide you with a shareable link that your supporters can use to order products at https://deanan.com/pages/virtual-fundraising so that purchases are automatically credited to your fundraiser. Alternately, they can enter a special code at checkout that Deanan® will also provide to you. Your supporters can choose from the 5 different products we have made available for them to purchase. What makes our program so cool? All items include shipping in the price.  So, a positive experience straight through to checkout! 

The sale will run for a period of five or more days. Throughout your sale, Deanan® will quickly ship your orders to your supporters. At the end of your sale we'll tally your profits, and send you a check for the total. This allows you to sit back and snack on delicious popcorn, all while making money for your cause. It really is fuss-free!

How long will it take for orders to be received?

Delivery should be in about 2-7 days from order placement, depending on where your supporters live in the contiguous United States.  Shipping can be via FedEx Ground,FedEx Express 2-day, UPS Ground or USPS.

How are my proceeds calculated?

We give you $9.00 for each box that is sold in the Fuss Free program. Yup, that is right, you get $9.00 per box!

Once we have tallied your sales, shipped out your orders and paid your taxes to the State, Deanan® will cut you a check for $9.00/per box sold.

What if taxes need to be collected?

Deanan® will submit taxes on those orders to the State that are required to be taxed. You do not have to collect or pay out any of your profits for taxes. We take care of it! Fuss-Free!

How long before I receive my proceeds?

We will get a check mailed out to you or your organization up to two weeks after your sale ends. This allows us the time to pay any taxes to the State of Texas, make sure we tallied your sales correctly and internally process all the paperwork. That's right, no paperwork on your end. Deanan® does it!

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is one (1) box. It is that fuss free! We offer five different items with our Fuss-Free Fundraiser. Four items cost $30.00 and one costs $35.00 (our premium popcorn).

What does it cost to ship the orders?

Shipping is included in the price of the boxes! No unhappy surprises at checkout! We want your supporters to feel happy about their support of your cause.

How will orders be shipped?

We use FedEx Ground, FedEx Express 2-day, UPS Ground and USPS. Deanan® will find the best way to get the orders to your supporters as quickly as possible.

Are there any upfront costs?

Not a dime! We take care of it all, fuss-free! Your investment is your time to get the word out. We suggest texts, emails, and social media.

How do I get the word out that I am raising funds?

You should send text messages, emails, and post on your social media to friends, family and neighbors!